Other members

Individuals and organisations that work to support historical writing.


    • Jane Judd Literary Agency
    • Julian Alexander, Lucas Alexander Whitely Ltd
    • Laura MacDougall, United Agents
    • Shelley Power, Shelley Power Literary Agency Ltd
    • Jane Conway-Gordon, Jane Conway-Gordon Ltd
    • Jonathan Pegg
    • Robin Wade, Wade & Co Literary Agency
    • Kate Hordern


  • Patsy Irwin, Transworld Publishers
  • Selina Walker, Random House
  • Carolyn Caughey, Hodder
  • Jane Johnson, Harper Press
  • Jeremy Trevathan, Pan Macmillan
  • Laura Perehinec, The History Press
  • Gareth Swain, The History Press


Other members

  • R W Lee, Chair of the Historical Novel Society
  • Alderney Literary Festival 
  • Kat Harvey, Editor and Proofreader of Genre Fiction and Creative Non-fiction at Athena Copy