About us

Our passion is history.  We are authors, publishers and agents of historical writing, both fiction and non-fiction, and we have created this Association to provide professional and social support to our members, and to create opportunities online and in person for our members to meet with readers, fellow writers and enthusiasts for all things historical.

If you’re a published author, a publisher or an agent, please consider joining us – our criteria are laid out below. If you are a library or bookshop looking for speakers, you can find authors of great historical writing in your area and if you’re a reader, come along to our events and literary festivals, like our facebook page, follow us on twitter and read our fantastic magazine Historia.

You can also search our membership for writers who specialise in a certain period so if you are a fan of Vikings, Gladiators, Tudors or Victorians you’ll find new and exciting authors here.

Statutory information
The Historical Writers Association is registered in England, number 09132674 at  The Union Building, 51-59 Rose Lane, Norwich NR1 1BY