Harvest of War

The year is 1916. Following their desperate retreat through the Albanian mountains (See Book 2 Passions of War) the remnants of the Serbian army are hoed up in the Greek city of Salonika, their homeland occupied by Austria and Bulgaria.
Working as a volunteer for the Red Cross feisty young Englishwoman, Leonora Malham Brown, has secretly become the lover of the dashing Colonel Sasha Malkovic, who has pledged to ask for a divorce once the war is over, so he can be free to marry her.
Meanwhile, Leo’s fiance, Tom, is engulfed in the horrors of the Somme, where he discovers a shocking secret about her brother Ralph. And Leo herself is keeping a secret from Sasha.
When Sasha discovers the truth he and Leo argue bitterly before he rejoins his troops on the battlefield. before the lovers can be reconciled Leo receives terrible news. Tragedy and heartbreak will follow before she finally has a chance of happiness.