Sally Zigmond

Having spent her twenties in London, first at Queen Mary University and then working  selling books on Oxford Street and then at New Scotland Yard, Sally Zigmond moved to North Yorkshire. She now lives in the middle of The North York Moors, to where she moved from Harrogate where much of her novel, Hope Against Hope, is set. She has written fiction for eleven years, having publishing many short stories, both commercial and ‘literary’ and a novella: Chasing Angels. For several years she was commissioning editor for QWF, the literary short fiction magazine for women and was an early overall editor of The Historical Novels Review and later one of team of editors. She still keeps her hand in writing the occasional review for the HNR and entering short story competitions and writing the occasional article for any writing magazine or website who asks nicely! One of these days, she will again be a published novelist. Hope against Hope is proving to be her motto.

Published works: