Lindsay Powell

Lindsay Powell is a historical detective. He is motivated to uncover and tell the stories of the under-reported personalities and events of history in the belief that they deserve to be told if our knowledge and understanding of the past is to be complete. A historian, researcher and writer by training and vocation, Lindsay has a particular passion for the military history of the Roman Empire. He scours ancient documents, inscriptions, coins and museums for stories, and archaeological, engineering, medical and scientific reports to reveal deeper truths.

He is news editor of Ancient Warfare and has written for Military Heritage and Strategy & Tactics magazines, Pen and Sword Books, Osprey Publishing and His books include All Things Under the Sun, and the ground breaking biographies Eager for Glory and Germanicus. His latest works, Marcus Agrippa and Combat: Roman Soldier v Germanic Warrior will be published in 2014.

He divides his time between Austin, Texas and Wokingham, England.