James Burge

James Burge is a maker of factual television programmes and a writer. His latest book, DANTE’S INVENTION, is a narrative biography which explores the life of the poet and how it relates to his great work of fantasy-fiction, the Divine Comedy. It is designed to appeal to those who are not familiar with Dante’s work as much as to those who are.
James’s many films on science and the arts include episodes of Timewatch, and Horizon for the BBC as well, for Channel Four, the acclaimed series about the Industrial Revolution, The Day The World Took Off and Starkey’s Monarchy.  His fascination with the Middle Ages dates from his study of medieval philosophy as a student. It led him to make Strange Landscape, BBC series about  medieval culture, which contained dramatisations of Dante’s journey through Heaven and Hell. He has also dramatised the writings of the eccentric thirteenth-century English friar, Roger Bacon. His previous book, Heloise and Abelard: a twelfth century love story, was published five years ago to outstanding reviews and reasonable sales.