Angus Donald

Angus Donald is the author of the Outlaw Chronicles, a bestselling series of eight novels featuring the legendary hero Robin Hood, and set in the 12th century, during the time of Richard the Lionheart, the Third Crusade, Magna Carta and bad King John. He is also the author of Blood’s Game and Blood’s Revolution, a new 17th-century series featuring the world’s first autistic action hero, Holcroft Blood. The series will chart the career of this famous artillery officer and his friend Jack Churchill, aka the Duke of Marlborough. Under the name Angus Macallan, he’s also writing a fantasy series (The Seven Keys) which will debut in 2019 with “Gates of Stone”.

Angus was born in China in 1965 and educated at Marlborough College and Edinburgh University. He has worked as a fruit-picker in Greece, a waiter in New York and as an anthropologist studying magic and witchcraft in Indonesia. For twenty years, he worked as a journalist in Hong Kong, India, Afghanistan and London for a number of national and international newspapers. He left The Times in 2008 after six years on the staff to write novels full-time. He lives in rural Kent with his wife, Mary, and his two young children.