Alexandra Walsh

Alexandra Walsh was a journalist for over 25 years; writing and editing for many national newspapers and magazines. She worked in television as an associate producer and director, with a brief stint in radio. For a number of years, she wrote television and film scripts before combining her two passions of history and fiction to write The Marquess House Trilogy, a series of a dual timeline conspiracy thrillers, moving between the present day and Tudor England.

Published by Sapere Books in March 2019, Book One: The Catherine Howard Conspiracy was an Amazon best seller while still on pre-order. In June 2019, Book Two: The Elizabeth Tudor Conspiracy was published by Sapere Books. This was also an Amazon best seller, as well as being a #1 New Release in Biographical Fiction in America.

The Marquess House Trilogy explores a secret hidden within history and the potential havoc its revelation could wreak. While the conspiracy theory is entirely fictional, the history in each book draws on as much fact as possible and has taken over ten years to research.

Each book focuses on a different period of Tudor history. The Catherine Howard Conspiracy is set during the reign of Henry VIII and his marriages to Anne of Cleves and Catherine Howard. The Elizabeth Tudor Conspiracy takes the reader to the court of Elizabeth I and the events leading to the Spanish Armada.

The historical sections are told through the voices of the women of the period and portray, not only on the well-known historical figures, but the women who surrounded and supported them, giving a new twist on the usual portrayal of women in the historical fiction genre.


Book Three will be available soon.


What reviewers have said about
The Catherine Howard Conspiracy and
The Elizabeth Tudor Conspiracy:


“Well done, Alexandra Walsh … historical fiction of the highest order!”
– Rob, NetGalley reviewer

“I loved this book! It’s a great historical fiction, enjoyable and entertaining.
I loved the plot, full of twists and turns, the fleshed out characters and the setting.” – Anna Maria, NetGalley reviewer

“I especially enjoyed the importance the author has placed on the women of the time…” Book Blogger: Karen at GoBuyTheBook

“The twists to Tudor history left me breathless…” Stephanie, book reviewer @bookfrolic


Comments about Book Three:

“Haven’t been this excited about waiting for a book since Diana Gabaldon and the Outlander series!” Heather E Franks (via Facebook)

“I have read the first two in the series. When can we expect the 3rd? This is as bad as “The Harry Potter” series. I am hooked.” Paula Lindekugel-Willis (via Facebook)

“Couldn’t put these books down! Amazing I cannot wait until book 3 is out.” Kathleen Collins McGee (via Facebook)