Karen Lee Street

KAREN LEE STREET is a British/ American dual national currently living in Australia. She is the author of a mystery trilogy that pairs Edgar Allan Poe and ur-detective C. Auguste Dupin.  Edgar Allan Poe and the London Monster (Oneworld, 2016) is her debut novel, set in 1840 London, with flashbacks to the reign of the infamous London Monster who slashed the dresses and derrieres of over fifty women from 1788 – 1790. Book II, Edgar Allan Poe and the Jewel of Peru  (August 2018) takes place during the Philadelphia nativist riots of 1844 and deals with ornithomancy, bird collecting, and the Cloud People of the Chachapoyas.  Edgar Allan Poe and the Empire of the Dead  (3 October 2019) is set in Paris 1849, pitting Poe and Dupin against the man who destroyed the Dupin family during the Reign of Terror.  Previous publications include Writing & Selling Crime Film Screenplays and Tattoos and Motorcycles, a collection of interconnected short stories that take place in a small American town over a hundred years.  Karen is also a screenwriter and script editor with a PhD in Writing from the University of South Wales.