John Barratt

A some-time  civil servant and librarian whose life-long interest in history, especially that of the 17th century, resulted in my first full-length book, “Cavaliers”, published in 2000. Since then I have had a number of books on the English Civil War published ,among them “Cavalier Generals”, 2005, “the “Civil War in the South-West”, 2007, and “Sieges of the English Civil War”, 2010.  

I make occasional sorties into other periods,  resulting among others in books on the Spanish Armada, The Battle of Shrewsbury (1403) and ” Battles for the Three Kingdoms” – the Williamite wars of 1689-92.   New book “Cavalier Stronghold: Ludlow in the Civil War”, published in September 2013. Lives in Shropshire,overrun by animals,  and currently working on books on Royalist Oxford, and the Glyn Dwr Revolt and its aftermath in the Welsh Marches.’