Janet Kellough

Janet Kellough is an author and performance storyteller who has spent most of her life writing about the history of Canada, a country that nearly everyone (including most Canadians) assumes has no past. Her Thaddeus Lewis book series combines mystery with rich historical background from the decades prior to Confederation in 1867, and charts Canada’s evolution from colony to nation.

Her storytelling performances often feature a fusion of spoken word and music that illuminate the history of eastern Ontario, from lost ships to lost husbands to lost teeth. She has released two CD’s – Swear on My Mother’s Grave, a selection of her favourite stories and Fowke Tales – Live at Lang, a celebration of the work of ethnomusicologist Edith Fowke.

Janet lives in Prince Edward County, Canada an island community on the north shore of Lake Ontario. (Not to be confused with Prince Edward Island, which is somewhere else.)