The Warrior With The Pierced Heart

‘It should have been a journey of just five or perhaps six days but, as I was to find to my cost, in life the road you’re given to travel is seldom what you wish for – and never what you expect.’

Wessex, 878.  Despite his great victory at Edington, King Alfred’s kingdom is far from secure as bands of restless Vikings still roam free, armed and intent on vengeance.

Matthew is tasked with riding ahead of the Saxon army to rally support but a surprise Viking attack leaves him desperately wounded with an arrow lodged close to his heart.

Rescued by a mysterious Pagan healer, Matthew survives and is determined to return to his King and to the woman he loves but his journey is haunted by a warning that his wound will one day consume him.  Along the way he is beset by danger and adversity and is forced to fight not just for his freedom, but also for his life