Hunt for the Nazi Gold

As reported by Der Spiegel, Yahoo News, ABC News, the Daily Mail and others.

Hunt for the Nazi Gold” is the true story of a secret code hidden inside the musical score of the “March Impromptu”.

Berlin 1945. Shortly before the downfall of the Third Reich Hitler’s personal diamonds, together with a stash of gold, are hidden in a secret location in Bavaria. The purpose is to finance a Nazi terror movement called “Werwolfen” to be able to operate after the war is lost. The diamonds have been named “The tears of the wolf”, after Hitler’s nickname Wolf. The exact location of the treasure is known only to Hitler’s secretary Martin Bormann and SS-officer Herman Fegelein, but neither survived the war and the terror group Werwolfen was quickly dismantled by the Allied Forces. Reichsschatzmeister (National Treasurer) Franz Xaver Schwarz, who was believed to have information on the subject, died during interrogation in Camp Regensburg without giving up any of the secrets.

During the research for his book “The Secret of the Sacred Panel” Dutch investigative journalist Karl Hammer came across information that could lead to the hiding place of Hitler’s diamonds and gold. It was hidden as small coded symbols within a musical score which was in the possession of a former Nazi clergyman. This army pastor was supposed to bring it from the bunkers in Berlin to Bavaria, but he never did. His motivations as well as his personal life in the world of Nazi ideology are wonderfully and objectively described. But it is, of course, the deciphering of the coded document that takes center stage. Although Karl cracked most of the code, he has not been able to retrieve the lost diamonds and this is why he presents all his findings to a world-wide audience to help him unlock the last secrets. If anything, this book is an enduring and captivating treasure hunt.

“It is very probable that these hidden Nazi treasures are still awaiting discovery”
(Gerard Aalders, Dutch Institute of War Documentation)