Blood and Destiny

In 878, with most of his army destroyed following a surprise attack by the Vikings at Chippenham, King Alfred of Wessex was forced to retreat to the desolate marshes at Athelney. Whilst few believed he could ever hope to restore his kingdom, he remained determined – no matter the cost.

Among Alfred’s small band of weary survivors is Matthew, a novice monk who must learn to fight like a warrior if he, along with his brother and fellow Saxons, are to have any chance of defeating the fearsome Vikings.

As an impending battle looms, Matthew is charged with a vital role that means he must face danger and betrayal and undertake a hazardous journey which will test both him and his faith to the limit.

This red bloodied tale is not just about battles and gory hand to hand fighting, it is about victory against the odds as the Saxons fight not just for their freedom and their religion, but for their very existence.